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Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Description of the differences between pure sine wave and modified sine wave inverters

Inverters are the electrical components that turn DC current from batteries or PV arrays into typical household AC current.  There are  two different types of inverters offered by SimpleRay:

Pure Sine Wave -- Pure Sine Wave (also called Sine Wave) inverters are the most efficient and highest quality inverters available, producing the same output as what is found in a typical household.  Because Pure Sine Wave inverters produce little harmonic distortion, they are able to run even the most sensitive electronic equipment.  Some sine wave inverters are also designed to feed electricity back into the grid.

Modified Sine Wave -- Modified Sine Wave (also called Modified Square Wave) inverters switch the direct current input into a step-up "modified square".  Instead of alternating the current in a straight-forward sine wave pattern, the modified sine wave inverters "step-up" the current to resemble stairs going up steps.  Because these inverters do not produce a clean sine wave, some electronic equipment that is run on these inverters can pick up background noise when operated.  Clocks and other appliances that run on digital timekeepers will also run either fast or slow.  It is also not advised to charge larger battery packs such as cordless tool batteries on modified sine wave inverters.