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Off Grid Solar Kits Grid Tied Micro Inverter Solar Kits
Custom designed kits - perfect for off grid residential electricity, off grid cabins, medium to large size solar generators, solar battery charging, solar-powered traffic signals, water pumping, sign lighting and remote gates.
Complete micro inverter kits using the latest technology with high output microinverter and wireless touchscreen gateways. Choose these kits when you will have partial shading of your array during the day, or if installed panels will make more then one angle to the sun.
Grid Tied String Inverter Solar Kits Racking Kits
Turn your home into a solar power generator.  Complete grid tied string inverter solar systems use string inverters suitable for powering your entire home or business when all panels make the same angle to the sun, and no partial shading occurs at the installation site.
These racking kits are pair easily with all traditional 60 or 72 cell solar panels that are 40" wide or less. Choose kits based on number of panels and layout desired, and add the solar panels and inverters of your choice.
Marine and RV Kits Solar Starter Kits
Complete solar kits for your RV, camper, boat, or any other vehicle that you need to keep the batteries charged.
Anybody can go green with our Solar Starter kits.  These entry level kits are perfect for a small project or small solar generator for solar battery charging, and have everything you need to start producing power.

Solar Kits & Photovoltaic Solar System Kits

If you are starting a brand new solar energy project, the best way to go
is a photovoltaic solar panel kit from SimpleRay. We have both on grid and
off grid solar systems as well as starter solar system and RV solar kits.
These on grid or off grid energy solar systems come with everything you
need to install and begin using solar power in your home or cabin.

the above navigation, you can select exactly which category best fits
your needs so that you can easily find the photovoltaic panel system
that's right for you.
Our thorough descriptions and itemized components list on our solar energy systems make all the difference! If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to call our toll free number at (800) 952-3235. Whether you need a solar kit for RV off grid living, off grid cabin, grid tie home solar panel system or a starter energy solar system, let SimpleRay help you!