Bud’s Corner Laundromat’s Solar Story

How Aaron Helped His Community, Saved the Planet, and Reduced a Major Expense

Meet Aaron Budweg

Aaron Budweg, founder of Bud’s Corner Laundromat, is a family and community-driven man. Aaron launched his business not just as a financial decision, but as a way to help out his community. A few years before, the town’s previous laundromat had closed down, depriving Aaron’s friends and neighbors of an affordable location to wash their clothes.

Considering Solar

From the very beginning, solar was considered for Bud’s Corner Laundromat. Going green was a factor, but ultimately it was the financial benefits of solar that made it worthwhile for the business. Even with the upfront cost required for the array, Aaron would see significant savings over the lifetime of the array and via tax benefits.

Solar Made Simple

Aaron chose Simpleray over other options because of the level of personal service offered, particularly by Jeff Shipley, his Renewable Energy Consultant. Aaron was taken carefully through every step of the solar process, with Jeff and his fellow team members providing guidance and assistance whenever it was needed.

"I looked at solar from the very infancy of doing this project. The costs were a little bit concerning initially, but after working with Jeff extensively and looking at the performance it was planned from the very beginning of the acquisition of the property."

Aaron Budweg

Founder of Bud's Corner Laundromat


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Rate of Return

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