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Our purpose is to understand solar from our customer’s perspective to provide a tailored turn-key solution. We are committed to helping organizations, utilities, and individuals leverage solar as an economical solution to their energy needs. We are passionate about leaving a positive impact on our customer’s wallet and the world we share.


Our mission is to be the “one-stop solar solution” that simplifies the design, procurement, finance, and installation of solar. In other words, we make solar simple.

Fanatical service.
Every member of our team is empowered to do whatever it takes to deliver phenomenal customer experiences. 

Technology driven.
We use technology to expedite service and reduce costs. Plus, it creates a really awesome experience for our customers alike! 

Fiscally minded.
We take a fiscal approach to solar. We design solar systems that produce maximum savings and pair those systems with financing that meets the customer’s needs.

Only the best.
We put our heart into every detail of your solar array because we care deeply about using the right solar equipment and design for the job. Innovation is the fuel that powers our team and allows us to deliver only the best.

We believe that everyone we work with must win. That means our customer, team, and company. We measure every decision we make against this “WIN-WIN-WIN” philosophy because we know that by aligning our values we build a team of advocates that help us reach more people with our message and, by doing so, we ensure a sustainable future for our customer, team, and company.

Love life. 
Lastly, we believe that none of the above is possible without loving life at work and at home. We commit to playing as hard as we work and providing the compensation to ensure every member of our team can live the life of their dreams.

Some of us around the office love lists, so here's a list version of our mission:

  • Be the “one-stop-solar-solution” that makes solar simple.
  • Leverage technology to be FAST and reduce costs.
  • Approach solar from a fiscal, “dollars and cents”, perspective.
  • Be the technical leader in our industry and design systems built to last.
  • WIN-WIN-WIN (Customer, Team, and Company).
  • Company culture & compensation that allows our team to live the life of their dreams.


Tyler Anderson


David Birchmier

Vice President

Wayne Pugh

Director of Sales

Christian Pugh

Director of Operations

Janae Rowe

Marketing Manager

Brian Anderson

Installation & Project Manager

Lewis Butler

Sales Manager

Mark Aeilts

Director of Utility Solar Development

Lori Anderson
Lori Anderson

Lori Anderson


Ashley Noreuil

Project Coordinator

Diana Flynn

Project Specialist

Justin Charles

Senior PV Engineer

Noora Khan

Product Manager

Jeff Shipley

Renewable Energy Consultant

Jen Kranz

Renewable Energy Consultant

Mike Jirak

Renewable Energy Consultant

Blake Daly

Renewable Energy Consultant

Ted Burghoff

Renewable Energy Consultant

Jake Reel

Renewable Energy Consultant

Tom Crimmins

Renewable Energy Consultant

Josh Clark

Renewable Energy Consultant

Jeremy Rierson

Renewable Energy Consultant

Nicole Major

Renewable Energy Outreach Specialist

Justin Rowan

Solar Technician

Lynzee Adams

Account Manager

Carl Davis

Media & Content Coordinator

Lilith Shoemaker

Solar Ambassador

Lindsey Friend

Sales Coordinator

Jason Wages

Inventory Control Specialist

Shalve Mohile

Engineer l

Sergei Rudiakov

Video Editor

Tamara Tiorlo

Graphic Designer

Jerry Perkins

Operations Coordinator

Neal Buchanan

Renewable Energy Consultant

Andy Anton

Renewable Energy Consultant

Patrick Stansbury

Renewable Energy Consultant

Tim Cole

Renewable Energy Consultant

Sean Sinnott

Renewable Energy Consultant

Joe Christian

Renewable Energy Consultant

Brad Martin

Renewable Energy Consultant

Randy Skeie

Renewable Energy Consultant

Brandon Cubbage

Solar Technician

David Fanin

Renewable Energy Outreach Specialist

Ashley Goodwin

Project Assistant

Ava Boyd

Account Manager

Charles St. John

Solar Technician

Alex Pugh

Renewable Energy Consultant

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