Oh No, Snow! Why Not To Fret About Snow On A Solar Array

Should I Worry About Snow On My Solar Panels?

During winter months one might worry about how snow could impact solar production. One of the great things about solar is how little maintenance it requires, and that extends to winter weather. If snow accumulates on solar modules, they'll clean themselves!  The dark modules gather enough sun to melt the snow, and then it will simply slide off the slick surface. The tilt and slick surface of the modules aids in this process. In fact, snow will often slide or melt off of your solar panels before your roof.

At Simpleray we take the weather patterns of your region into account, and calculate that into our estimates that determine your array size. Our customers should rest assured that even if their array is temporarily covered in snow, we've taken your annual electricity needs into account and so it will be fine to let it melt off naturally.

We strongly recommend against trying to manually clear snow off solar modules. Ice, snow, ladders, and roofs are not a good formula for safety.  Beyond the safety issue, scraping snow/ice off your modules could damage the module and racking, as well as void the warranty on your modules. While it might be disappointing to see your array covered in snow for a couple of days - don't fret! 

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