7 Reasons to Make the Sun Your Valentine This Year

1. The sun loves you everyday

The sun reserves at least nine hours per day to spend with you. It does have to go do bed eventually (don’t we all) but it will always be there for you the next morning.

2. The sun won’t keep you waiting

The sun always rises on schedule, so it will never be late for your date.

Image of empty table set for a dinner date

The sun isn't one for late night dinners, unfortunately. 

3. The sun will pick up the bill

If you install a solar array, the sun can provide enough energy to offset the cost of your electric bills. It’s nice to have someone else pay!

4. The sun doesn’t just bring flowers, it grows them 

Plant leaves harvest sunlight for energy in a way similar to solar panels. Through photosynthesis, plants absorb solar energy and carbon dioxide to create food and oxygen for our planet. A balanced relationship is a healthy relationship!

Image of a heart shaped box of chocolates

We prefer to absorb our nutrients through chocolates. 

5. The sun gives you all its love but still gives you plenty of space

Did you know that the sun is more than 90 million miles away from the earth? That doesn’t stop it from showering us with enough love to power nearly all life on Earth.

6. The sun is a hot date

It’s about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit to be accurate, and that’s just on the surface.

Note: Objects in picture are just as hot as they appear

7. The sun is kind of a big deal

Our entire solar system and its eight planets (or nine, depending on who you ask) revolve around the sun! It’s pretty great to have a real star as your valentine.

The sun has a lot to offer an earthling looking for a valentine. Are you ready to let the sun love you? Contact us.

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