Why Our Equipment is the Best for Your Savings

Our solar engineers thoroughly evaluate every piece of equipment and its warranties to determine if it’s worthy of being used in your solar installation.

What We Require of Every Piece of Equipment

Every module, racking system, and inverter we use must meet our demanding criteria. If it doesn’t, you won’t find it in the hands of our installation professionals.

  • Safety
    We take safety and electrical power very seriously. All of the equipment we choose has passed stringent safety codes.
  • Reliability
    When we install a solar array, it’s there to stay. The equipment can weather snowstorms, high winds, and worse.
  • Efficiency
    The value of a solar module or inverter is dependent upon its efficiency. We require industry-leading efficiency levels to ensure arrays produce enough energy to meet your goals.
  • Longevity
    Structural integrity and production efficiency have to be maintained over time. This way, solar arrays can last through the decades.  
  • Valuable Warranties
    A solar array is designed to help customers reach their energy goals for decades to come. If a given warranty doesn’t extend well into the life of the array, we won’t be using that product.
  • A Trusted Name
    A solar warranty only has value if the provider will be in business for the life of that warranty. We exclusively use equipment from stable, experienced manufacturers.
  • Affordability
    If an array won’t save the customer money, we don’t install it. Because of this, the equipment that we use has to offer a substantial value for the price.

The Right Equipment Delivers the Most Savings

We’re fortunate to work in an industry that’s governed by a simple truth: the better the equipment that makes up a solar array, the more energy it will produce. And the more energy your array produces, the more you can save. 

That's why the cheapest equipment doesn't always mean the best deal. Quality really matters when your array will last for the next several decades.

We’ve always made it our priority to thoroughly evaluate every piece of equipment we use. Our experienced team of solar engineers has been vetting solar equipment for more than a decade, and we stay current with the latest products and technologies on the market.

The Simpleray Promise

Going solar is a long-term investment, and its benefits can only be realized if your array is built to perform well into the future.

At Simpleray, we make a promise to our customers: we’ll do everything in our power to build the best possible array, and we’ll only install the system if it’s going to reach your energy goals. Whether those be maximizing your savings, reducing your carbon footprint, or ensuring your property is protected from rising energy costs for future generations, we'll be your long term energy partner.

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