Alliant Energy Pushing Rate Hikes in 2019

In early 2019, Alliant Energy introduced a proposal to increase their energy rates, again.

Alliant Energy Rate Coverage 2019

Updated 10/9/19

If you're an Alliant Energy customer, by now you've received the letters about their proposed rate increases. Here's the mailer you may have received earlier this year.

In April 2019, Alliant Energy’s interim electric rate hike took effect for all customers. Alliant started charging customers 5.5% more. That is just the beginning, with a proposed total increase of:

  • 24.45% for residential customers
  • 18% for small businesses
  • 25% for large usage manufacturers

If you're an Alliant Energy customer, your rates are already among the highest in Iowa. Alliant raised their rates the past two years, and now they aim to raise them again. Compared to Mid American Energy, Alliant's rates are higher and the frequency of rate increases is much higher. 

Public outcry against this series of rate hikes has been louder than any previous year. The Gazette has attributed some of the rise in cost of living in Iowa to rising utility prices. 

UPDATE: While the final rate is pending approval from the Iowa Utilities Board, it's been announced by Alliant Energy that the final rate is likely to be lower than originally proposed. Alliant Energy reached a proposed settlement with 10 environmental and consumer groups that reduces how much additional revenue the company wants from applying rate hikes to their customers.

Don Tormey, the Iowa Utilities Board Director of Communications, said, “The final rates won't be determined until the Board issues its final decision order. The Board will issue its final decision after a complete review of the proposed non-unanimous partial settlement, the testimony and exhibits already filed, the testimony and any evidence presented at the hearing, and a review of the entire record in this rate case (RPU-2019-0001).”

The Iowa Utilities Board held a hearing October 7th at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. The Iowa Utilities Board has until the end of the year to make a final determination, with the final rates likely to go into affect shortly after – in January of 2020. 

Had enough of unnecessary rate hikes?

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