Partnership Potential Revenue Calculator

Our Partnership Potential Revenue Calculator is a tool designed to provide an estimate of how much potential revenue your organization might generate by partnering with Simpleray on a solar installation. There are a number of variables which can impact project cost, including but not limited to: existing electrical infrastructure, utility county specific requirements, and type of installation.

How to use this tool:


50,000 - 99,999 kWh/year

Examples include a small welding shop, a small one story office building, and a hog barn.



100,000 - 249,999 kWh/year

Examples include small/light manufacturing operations, a two story office building with light production, grain bins, and a larger hog confinement operation.



250,000 - 999,999 kWh/year

Examples include large agricultural operations, larger manufacturing facilities, facilities with heavy refrigeration usage, and multi-building facilities.


Extra Large

1,000,000+ kWh per year

Examples include large manufacturing operations, wastewater treatment facilities, and large warehouses.


Estimated Monthly Electric Bill (kWh only)

Electric Bill

Cost of Electricity ($/kWh)

Cost of Electricity

We estimate this project size to be too small.

Partnership Potential Revenue

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