Simpleray Opens New Location in Bloomfield

Sustainable efforts are nothing new. The phrase “Go Green” has nearly lost its effectiveness in marketing campaigns, but the notion that it’s good for the environment and the pocketbook has caused the adoption of alternative energy sources to become more popular than ever in reality.

Simpleray, a company founded and headquartered in Fairfield, Iowa, has led the charge in the installation of solar arrays all over the state. Seeing the need in southern Iowa - and taking notice of Davis County’s “can do” attitude when it comes to sustainable energy, historic preservation, and community betterment - President Tyler Anderson explains why Bloomfield is a natural fit for their own company’s expansion:

We made the decision to open an office in Bloomfield for several reasons...attractive local metering policies within the City of Bloomfield, the potential for future solar growth within the community. Also, I grew up in Bloomfield, so I simply love the town!

Local leaders understand the impact of having a company like Simpleray as part of the Bloomfield community. John Schroeder, Davis County Development Corporation Executive Director, shares his thoughts:

Any time we can attract a new entrepreneur to open their business here increasing our tax base, job opportunities, and adding to our community's growth it's a big deal. In the case of Simpleray it's a double big deal because they are on the ground floor of an exciting new industry with unlimited upward potential. The Davis County Development Corporation welcomes them to Bloomfield, Davis County with open arms and exuberant anticipation.

Simpleray is a renewable energy company that specializes in solar arrays for businesses, homeowners, farms, electric cooperatives, municipal utilities, and nonprofits. The company was founded in 2008 and currently has offices in Fairfield, Des Moines, and Bloomfield.

If you’d like more information, please call Janae Rowe at Simpleray, 800-8080-SUN, or email [email protected]



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