Silvis Police Department Creates a Buzz With 170kW Solar Array

Silvis solar array powers Police Department and homes honeybees

"We are so excited to be making an investment in solar energy. Not only will we save money on energy costs, we’re also reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the future of our community."

Jim Grafton

City Administrator of Silvis, IL

A Win-Win Investment

The Silvis Police Department solar array will offset 98% of their annual energy usage, the equivalent of 198 tons of greenhouse gas each year, while simultaneously saving the department upwards of $19,000 on energy costs in the first year alone.

Leveraging Unique Financing

This project was made possible by a Power Purchase Agreement, a unique financing structure which allows a third party owner to take advantage of the tax incentives while the City of Silvis enjoys reduced energy costs.

A Home for the Honeybees

One unique aspect of this project is the addition of 7-10 commercial honeybee hives on the array site that will be maintained by a local professional beekeeper. Increasing bee habitat and supporting a local business, just more benefits of going solar for the Silvis Police Department.

"We are excited to have been a part of this investment in the Silvis community and expect it to provide financial and environmental returns for decades to come."

Josh Clark

Josh Clark

Sales Territory Manager

170 kW

Total Array Size


Annual Energy Offset

267,141 kWh

Annual Power Production

198 Tons

Annual Greenhouse Gas Offset

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