The Tilly's Solar Story

Dave and Rebecca Tilly have a gorgeous solar array to go with their gorgeous property, set on a small tranquil pond. Their array is an 17.8 kW roof-mounted solar array on their out-building. They selected special high efficiency modules to make as much use of the roof space as possible.

The Tilly’s solar array turned out great! We had a BBQ with Dave and Rebecca to celebrate their array coming online! Everyone at Simpleray enjoyed working closely with Dave, and he learned a lot about solar throughout the process.

"What we would have paid to our electric bill we pay to the system, and then 11 years from now [the payment] goes away. Everything’s free and everything is guaranteed for 25 years. What doesn’t make sense about this?"

Dave Tilly


17.8 kW

Solar Array Size


Yearly Savings


Estimated Lifetime Savings

Solar Made Sense For Dave

What about you?