Local Farmsteader Dianne Lauber Saves Money and the Planet with Solar

Meet Dianne Lauber

Dianne Lauber is a native of Columbus Junction, Iowa. As a teacher for the local elementary school, most of her time was spent in the fourth-grade classroom. As an educator, she was able to impart a love of learning to many of her students

Iowa Solar Incentives

Solar had been on Dianne’s mind for some time. While she was interested in the environmental effects of solar power, Dianne was also curious about the financial benefits for homeowners. Unfortunately, she wasn’t sure where she should start when considering renewable energy.

Making Solar Simple

When she reached out to her utility company, she was connected with Simpleray. Her Renewable Energy Consultant answered each of the questions she had regarding solar, and provided a simple, clear path forward to going green. Simpleray did everything in their power to ensure switching to solar was as easy as possible.

Saving Money with Solar

Once her array was installed and active, Dianne saw a noticeable difference in her energy bill even during the coldest months of the year. She has seen larger savings in the warmer months, and is looking forward to the savings over the lifetime of the system

"It was easy. I'm glad I made that decision and it's working out well for me. Even in a small situation like this, I'm not a large farm, just a small situation and it's cut my electric bill already."

Dianne Lauber



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