GehlPRO's Solar Story

Metalworking and Repair Shop GehlPRO Welding Secures Over $76,000 in Tax Incentives with Solar Power

After twenty-five years in the industry, Pat Gehling launched GehlPRO Welding. The company is headquartered in his dream workshop, an expansive facility that provides unlimited opportunities for fabrication and repair. As a fully-integrated metalworking and repair facility, GehlPRO uses a lot of electricity to get their customers what they need.

Meeting Simpleray

When GehlPRO designed their workshop, they had energy efficiency at the forefront of their mind. However, they hadn’t considered solar until Renewable Energy Consultant Jeremy Rierson showed up on their doorstep. When GehlPRO saw a detailed proposal that laid out the benefits in black and white, solar became a feasible investment. GehlPRO is always interested in investments that can keep costs down and help pass saving to their customers, and solar provided that opportunuty.

Iowa Solar Incentives

After GehlPRO took the numbers to their accountant, they confirmed that solar made great sense financially and would really help them. With the available tax incentives, GehlPRO was looking at $76,000 in tax savings. And since their planned array would completely offset their electric bill, they would save over $445,000 in energy cost over the warrantied period for their array.

Saving Big with Solar

If the cost of energy increases 3.5% each year (a conservative estimate) that means GehlPRO will be protected from thousands of dollars in extra costs over the lifetime of their solar array.

"It wasn’t something we had considered, but when he started showing us all the available incentives for small businesses and the tax credits you can receive, for that fiscal year it became a really attractive decision."

Pat Gehling

Founder, GehlPRO Welding


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