Illinois' New Solar Incentive: The Adjustable Block Program

Learn how this program provides payment for Renewable Energy Credits produced by solar!

Through the Adjustable Block Program, utility companies in Illinois may purchase the Renewable Energy Credits that a solar array would produce over its lifetime. You would receive these incentives in addition to any electrical savings from the solar array.

We’ll work with you to assess the cost of solar and estimate your ABP payments as well as applicable tax incentives. If you are approved for the program, the block program structure will set the amount you would receive for your RECs.

The ‘block payments’ are calculated based on how much solar energy is being produced in the state. The first block is likely to have the highest incentive amount. Since the amount you get depends on the ‘block’ they put you in, you’ll want to sign up and apply early!

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You can view the Program Brochure issued by the Program Administrator below.