Major Update:
Illinois Adjustable Block Program

The Illinois Power Agency is changing how you get paid for solar.
Find out how!

Lewis Butler

Sales Manager, Simpleray Lewis holds a Master's Degree in Economics from George Mason University.

Tuesday, June 19th at 12:15 PM Central

The Illinois Power Agency recently rolled out a series of major updates to the state’s upcoming Adjustable Block Program. This program means a simple and easy way to earn cash for the energy that your array produces, with no extra work on your part. Join our team as we cover these updates and what they mean for you.

In This Webinar You Will Learn


How the market for electricity works in Illinois.


How the program has developed and when it will begin.


Why installing sooner will put more money in your pocket.

ComEd has recently filed a complaint with the Illinois Commerce Commission (Docket # 17-0838). While the specifics surrounding their request are not currently clear, it has the potential to impact customers who are on co-ops and municipalities and their ability to qualify for the Adjustable Block Program. A similar series of events played out early in 2018, with the end result of customers on these utilities being eligible for the Program. We will continue to monitor this issue and keep our current and future customers updated on any implications for them.