Our Team

Our Leadership

Brian Anderson

CEO & Director of Business Development

Chris Ball

Chief Operating Officer

Tyler Anderson

Founder & Strategic Planning Engineer

Richard Davis

Director of Operations

Nick Hardcastle

Director of Construction

Justin Rowan

Director of Product Development

Our Team

Jeff Anderson

Sales Manager

Shuting Zhang

Head of Project Finance and Development

Tom Crimmins

Renewable Energy Consultant

Eric Nelson

Renewable Energy Consultant

Michael Williams

Renewable Energy Consultant

Tom Satterfield

Sales Assistant

Andy Seay

Business Development and Marketing

Jon Dwight

Technical Sales Engineer

Babatunde Woodard-James

Technical Sales Engineer

Chuck Ledger

Electrical Consultant

Andy Smith

Construction Design and BOM Owner

Evand James


Matt Mazza

Director of Fabrication and Prototype Development

Charmaine Acosta


Juan Mena


Lori Anderson


Rob Kiefer

Maintenance and Facilities

David Wesely

Warehouse and Inventory

Jared Foster

Service, Inspection, and Commission

Justan Nelson

Senior Warehouse/Service Technician

Ava Boyd

Project Management and Coordination

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