The Panama Transfer Solar Story

Revolutionizing the Trucking Industry with Solar Power

Meet the Panama Transfer Family

Panama Transfer is a family run freight company that has been connecting Iowa’s communities for decades. The business has been owned and operated by the Kloewer family since its purchase in the fifties. After years of work, Dean Kloewer and Mark Crall, his brother in law, have taken leadership of the company.

Positive Impacts Solar Power

Panama Transfer has expanded largely because of the forward-thinking nature of the company. This nature is found in every part of the business, from its operating procedures to the technology it uses. When it came to solar power, Dean weighed not only the financial benefits, but also how a solar array would impact Panama Transfer for the next generation.

Financial Benefits of Solar

The solar arrays, alongside a number of battery powered forklifts and other green initiatives, have already reduced financial costs and positively impacted the environment. However, Panama Transfer is far from done. With their eyes set on a fleet of electric trucks and more solar arrays, the Panama Transfer family intends to lead the trucking industry into a new future.

Looking Towards the Future

When Dean’s father purchased Panama Transfer in the fifties, it started a family legacy. He was able to provide a strong company to Dean, and now Dean is able to pass not just a successful company, but a greener planet to his own children.

"Some of the tax advantages run out in 2019, so I think if we wanted to try to do something, I would try to take advantage of the tax incentives."

Dean Kloewer

President of Panama Transfer

536 kW

Total Array Size


Combined Rate of Return

4 Year

Combined Payback Period


Saved On Taxes


Annual Savings

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