Referral Rewards Terms & Conditions

This Referral Rewards Program Agreement (“Agreement”) is between Simpleray (“Simpleray”), a Iowa corporation at 2601 W. Briggs Ave. Fairfield, IA 52556 and you (“Referral Source”, together with Simpleray, the “Parties”), for certain referral fees in connection with solar systems.



Referral Source may be in contact with a homeowner, business, or other entity with an interest in solar products. Simpleray is in the business of installing solar systems through its turnkey installation service. Simpleray has agreed to offer certain referral fees to the Referral Source in exchange for qualified solar system leads. Reward payments are paid in the event the lead purchases solar.

In consideration of the foregoing, and for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the Parties agree as follows:

  1. Defined Terms.
  2. Countersigned” means an installation contract has been signed with a Qualified Lead in accordance with the requirements of this Agreement, and is subsequently reviewed and signed by an authorized agent of Simpleray and is not subsequently cancelled or terminated.
  3. Interconnection” means the time at which Simpleray, in its sole and absolute discretion, turns on the System after Simpleray receives permission to operate the System from the local utility having jurisdiction over such System.
  4. Lead” means all of the following information of the owner of a property who has expressed an interest to the Referral Source in learning more about the installation of a System at such property: the full name, phone number, email address, and the street address of such property.
  5. Termination Date” means the one year anniversary of the Effective Date.
  6. Referrals; Qualified Referral Fee.
  7. (a) From time to time, the Referral Source may choose to transmit Leads to Simpleray (name, phone number, email address and address of lead).
  8. (b) Simpleray shall contact the Qualified Lead to set up an in-person meeting (the “Site Visit”). Subject to the Qualified Lead’s cooperation, Simpleray, through its representative shall determine if (i) the lead is a qualified property owner, (ii) based on the estimated average monthly electric energy usage provided by the Qualified Lead as evidenced by recent electric utility bills, the estimated average monthly electric utility bill for such property is not less than $125.00, (iii) the Qualified Lead satisfies Simpleray’s credit requirements as determined by it in its sole and absolute discretion, and (iv) a System can be installed on the property in accordance with the applicable requirements and guidelines (including those of Simpleray) in effect from time to time. If a Site Visit occurs and clauses (i) and (iv) are determined to be true, the applicable Lead will be a “Qualified Lead”. Simpleray shall notify Referral Source if a Lead does or does not constitute a Qualified Lead within 10 calendar days (the “Qualified Lead Notice”).
  9. (c) Simpleray shall pay the Referral Source up to $1000.00 in the aggregate for each Qualified Lead in accordance with the payment milestones (the “Payment Milestones”) set forth below.
  10. Installation completion and final payment received
    $1000 payable within 30 days following the receipt of the final payment from the submitted lead.
  11. (d) If any information regarding a Lead is reasonably determined by Simpleray in its sole discretion as having been previously received by Simpleray from any other source (including from internal Simpleray sales, marketing or lead generation efforts), Simpleray shall have no obligation to take any action with respect to such Lead and such Lead will not be deemed to be a Qualified Lead.
  12. Modifications
  13. Simpleray reserves the right to amend the Agreement, its prices, and any aspect of the program in its sole and absolute discretion. Amendments shall be effective 7 days of posting on the Company’s official website. Amendments shall not apply retroactively to conduct that occurred prior to the effective date of the amendment. The acceptance of any benefits under the Agreement constitutes acceptance of all amendments.
  14. Term; Termination
  15. (a)This Agreement begins on the Effective Date and terminates on the Termination Date without further action by either Party.
  16. (b)Either Party may terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason or no reason upon written notice to the other Party.
  17. Relationship of Parties; Expenses.
  18. The Parties shall not be deemed in a relationship of partners or joint venturers by virtue of this Agreement, nor shall any Party be an agent, representative, employee, trustee or fiduciary of the other. Each Party shall be fully responsible for the expenses it incurs during the performance of this Agreement.
  19. Entire Agreement. This Agreement is subject to Simpleray’s full terms and conditions and privacy policy available on Simpleray’s website.