Estimating Solar Capacity For New Constructions

This article covers what to do if you’re constructing a new building or home and are interested in installing solar at the same time. Because the property is new, you won’t have any prior usage. The steps below will help you estimate usage for the new property.

If you’re currently in the process of planning the construction of a new home or building, now is the perfect time to consider solar because there are a number of things you can do to make your new construction solar-ready.

Here's a list of suggestions when building a new property that will help keep the cost of solar down:

  1. Mount the meter to the side of the new building/home.
  2. Request that your electrician install a lockable, fused, service disconnect
  3. Ensure adequate roof space oriented to the south.
  4. The ideal roof type is a standing seam metal roof. Don’t worry, this isn’t critical if this isn’t the type of roof you prefer.
  5. Install an empty 1.5" EMT conduit from the roof to the breaker box.
  6. Install a breaker box with a bus rating that is higher than the main breaker rating (For example, use a 320 amp rated bus with a 200 amp main breaker).
  7. If you are considering using battery backup, wire critical loads into a sub-panel. Be sure to leave enough room around the main breaker box and sub-panel to wire in an automatic transfer switch later. This will allow the battery backup to power only critical loads without having to re-wire everything.

If you’re interested in getting a free solar assessment from us, the information below will help our engineers calculate how much energy you’re estimated to use:

  1. Square footage footprint?
  2. Number of floors?
  3. R Value of insulation in attic?
  4. R Value of insulation in sidewalls?
  5. What type of space heating will be used?
  6. What type of water heater (electric or gas)?
  7. Orientation of roof?
  8. Orientation of new construction?
  9. Are there existing trees that will cause shading issues?
  10. How many people will occupy the new space?
  11. If you have an electric bill from their existing property, it would be useful for you to share this as it will allow us to get a picture of what your past energy use trends looked like.

Have questions or want our help in putting together an assessment from your property? Let us know.

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