Perpetual Vs. Annual Vs. Monthly Net Metering

The Three Most Common Types of Net Metering

The three most common types of net metering are: perpetual net metering, annual net metering, and monthly net metering. Perpetual net metering is the best option, followed closely by annual net metering (depending on the month in which the metering resets). 

About Each Metering Type:

1. Perpetual net metering: Credits do not expire. 
2. Annual net metering:  Credits reset yearly. In other words, credits are stored for 12 months, and at the end of the 12th month the stored credits are lost and the system resets. The month in which this occurs is decided by the utility, although in some cases the customer sets the month for the credits to reset. 
3. Monthly net metering: Credits reset monthly.

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