Selling Or Renting Your Property After Installing Solar

I’m moving and have decided to sell my property. I’d like to take my solar with me. Can my solar be moved to my new property?

Yes, your solar array can be moved to your new property. The cost to move the array varies based on the requirements of the new property.

If I sell my property with solar, will it increase the value of my property?

Yes, solar will increase the value of your property for a number of reasons. 
#1 It’s an asset that adds value to your property. 
#2 Long-term costs for the buyer of your property will be lessened due to solar. 
#3 Solar makes your property more exclusive since not all properties will come with solar installed.

I plan to rent my property. How can solar benefit me?

You may opt to include the electric in the tenant's rent. Since solar will cover the cost of the electric bill, it allows you to earn more revenue while also providing a unique benefit to your tenant.

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