Solar In Illinois: Why You Need To Work With An Approved Vendor

Update Fall 2019: Funding is still available, please contact us.


The Adjustable Block Program Illinois

An incentive opportunity called the Adjustable Block Program is flourishing in Illinois. Applicants that are approved receive a payout for the energy their array would produce.  

Approved Vendors are a Key Part of This Program

Approved Vendors are reputable solar installers that have passed a thorough application process and background check by the Adjustable Block Program’s administration.

Choosing to partner with an Approved Vendor is one of the best ways to ensure that your array is being designed and installed professionally.

Approved Vendors to the Adjustable Block Program:

  • Must pass a vetting process to become certified
  • Are the only firms qualified and able to facilitate your ABP payout
  • Help ensure your array is installed professionally


Why Use an Approved Vendor?

There are two main reasons to utilize an Approved Vendor when installing solar in Illinois.

First, working with an Approved Vendor is the only way to apply for the Adjustable Block Program. The Approved Vendor will complete everything that’s necessary to file your application. If you're accepted into the program, you’ll receive a payout that is determined by the amount of energy your array is expected to produce.

The second reason is that a solar array is a major financial investment. Improper installation or the use of low-quality materials can drastically reduce the lifespan of your array, which could limit your savings by thousands of dollars.

Using an Approved Vendor puts you in the hands of an experienced installer that’s been thoroughly vetted. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your solar system was designed and installed by qualified professionals, so you can benefit from it for decades to come.

Using an Approved Vendor will:

  • Enable you to apply for the ABP program
  • Protect you from hiring an under-qualified installer
  • Connect you with knowledgeable industry professionals
  • Ensure that a reliable firm handles your cash payout


What Does it Take to be an Approved Vendor?

To become an Approved Vendor, a solar installer has to pass a comprehensive application process. During this process, the Adjustable Block Program administration scrupulously examines:

  • Vendor’s ownership structure
  • Current and past financial standing
  • History of installing solar arrays
  • Certificate of operation in renewable energy in Illinois
  • Tax records
  • And much more

Only verified, experienced and reputable solar installers can become Approved Vendors. The Adjustable Block Program offers you a tremendous opportunity to go solar and receive an incentive, and Approved Vendors ensure you're in good hands throughout the entire process. 

Want to Know More?

Let Lewis Butler, ABP expert, break it down for you in our informative Adjustable Block Program Webinar. You can also contact us for a free quote to see how much you could save with this exciting, new incentive program.

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