Is Your Work Backed By A Guarantee?

Workmanship Guarantee

Even when a solar array is professionally designed and installed, something may need adjustment in the first few years following installation.

At Simpleray, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible workmanship on every array we install. Even so, we still back our installations with a 5-Year Workmanship Guarantee.

Solar power is an investment that provides savings for years to come, which is why we consider every installation the beginning of a long-term partnership. Our 5-Year Workmanship Guarantee is our promise to ensure that your array is set up for decades of success.  

For the first two years we will visit your property to physically inspect the array to ensure it’s producing as efficiently as possible. These check-ups are once a year and don’t cost a thing. Also, during the first 25 years, we monitor the production of every panel in your array from our offices through an online platform.

Almost every type of panel, racking, and inverter we use is backed by a 25-year warranty. But it’s essential that we provide a workmanship guarantee to make sure that initial adjustments or fixes to your array are handled free of charge, so it can produce properly for decades.

Production Guarantee

Beginning mid-2019, Simpleray also introduced a Production Guarantee for our customers. Simpleray will guarantee that the annual production of the system will be no less than Estimated Production Amount shown on quote for the first five years, less an annual .5% degradation factor. 

Production is guaranteed over a five-year period as a total, not as an individual year guarantee, as weather patterns fluctuate. Any power outages during production times will be deducted from the total allowable production guarantee. This is a summary and one should see their contract for full terms and conditions.

If you don’t work with a qualified installer you can trust, you may not get the same guarantee, and you could be vulnerable to a lapse in coverage. To learn more about our warranties and service, let us put you in contact with one of our Renewable Energy Consultants today. We love to talk solar.

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Janae Rowe

January 18th, 2019


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