What Could Go Wrong In the 25+ Year Lifespan of a Solar System?

Solar lasts a long time, but not forever. What is the first thing that could potentially break or go wrong?

A solar system is made up of more than just solar panels and wiring. There is a whole electrical system that is planned around the solar array, to safely interconnect it with your property and the utility grid. Solar arrays and the accompanying parts on the electrical side are built to last for decades, with an expected lifespan of 25-40+ years.

That being said, occasionally equipment may malfunction, which is why the major components of a solar system should all be warrantied by the manufacturer. At Simpleray, we ensure that we use major components with excellent and longstanding warranties to protect your investment.

The first component of a solar system that may have an issue is the inverter. The inverter is the only component that has a moving part (a fan) and is subject to overheating and voltage fluctuations. The typical inverter warranty is 10-12 years, however, we include an extended inverter warranty with our solar arrays.

Each solar array is monitored through online monitoring so we know rather quickly if there is an inverter issue or some other minor malfunction that needs to be addressed. This monitoring comes standard with every Simpleray solar installation, so you have peace of mind for decades to come.

If you have any questions on the reliability of solar, we'd be glad to chat with you.

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