What Does it Mean to be Renewable?

Look at the light bulb closest to you. How does that light bulb shine… where does the power come from that electrifies the filament? 

Chances are the electricity that powers the light bulb and causes it to shine was generated by burning a fossil fuel, such as natural gas, coal or oil.

The fossil fuels that supply much of our energy come from deposits that were created many eons ago. Once these energy rich deposits are depleted and burned up, they are gone for good. These resources are non-renewable. 

By contrast, renewable sources of energy renew. The wind, tides, the sun - they just keep giving. The powerful forces of nature renew day after day. The Sun keeps creating fusion energy sending photons down to earth, gravity continues to force water to flow downstream, wind blows across the plains, and the moon keeps pushing and pulling our tides. 

The ebb and flow of energy may vary, such as with solar and wind energy, but it’s being produced consistently over the long run. This is what the energy industry considers renewable sources of energy.

Wind turbines, water dams, tidal energy technologies, and various kinds of solar panels capture and convert the energy into a steady, reliable supply of electricity. Mother nature has provided more than enough sources of renewable energy, we just need to capture it!

At this point in history, more than enough technology exists to capture the amount of energy we would need to power earth with clean, renewable energy. It just takes education and adoption (and for the fossil fuel industry to give up their lobbying and evolve their business model to renewables). 

Lucky it’s becoming more and more clear as time goes on, even to naysayers, that renewables are the future. For those dinosaurs of gas, coal, and oil, extinction is coming.

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Janae Rowe

September 23rd, 2019


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