Why Is Online Monitoring Important?

You’re thinking about going solar, but you don’t want to be kept in the dark about how much energy your array will produce. Online Monitoring is here to provide visibility into the production of every panel in your array.


The Basics of Online Monitoring

Online Monitoring is a digital platform that lets you see your solar production in an easy-to-use format. Once logged in, you can view your production in graphs, charts, or via virtual layout of your array.

Want a detailed breakdown of when your array produces the most energy? You can also monitor live production or view daily, monthly and yearly totals. 


How It Works

Online Monitoring is made possible by intelligent electronic chips called power optimizers. Each panel has a power optimizer fixed to its underside. Unlike traditional arrays, arrays with power optimizers are able to send electricity directly from the individual panel to the inverter. This allows each panel to operate independently, and maximize its energy output. In traditional arrays, which are wired together like a string of lights, any time a single panel is underproducing, the entire string underproduces. 

Each optimizer gathers production data from the panel it’s attached to. The same cables that are used to carry electricity from the panels to the inverter are used to carry information from the optimizer to the inverter. Because every panel has its own optimizer, your inverter receives real-time production data from every panel.

Your inverter is connected to the internet, which allows it to send the production information to the Online Monitoring program. You’re then able to log-in and view it in a clear and organized format.

What Makes Online Monitoring Invaluable

Online Monitoring offers numerous advantages that an array without optimizers simply can’t provide.

See Your Production in Simple Terms

The beauty of Online Monitoring is more than just being able to see your production numbers, it’s seeing those numbers presented in a way that’s easy to grasp. Instead of dense spreadsheets and confusing graphs, you’ll see your production information in simple infographics and a virtual model of your array.

Know Exactly How Much Each Panel Produces

With Online Monitoring, keeping an eye on every panel in your array is as simple as checking your phone, computer, or tablet. If one of your panels is underperforming, you’ll see it immediately.

Much Needed Visibility

If you don’t have Online Monitoring, it’s difficult to know whether your panels are operating efficiently because you cannot view production. This can prove incredibly costly if any of your panels have a problem. A single under-producing panel might sound like a minor issue, but it could go unnoticed for years. This panel’s lack of production could add up to a significant loss of savings. Online Monitoring shields you from the pitfalls of under-production.

Professionals Monitor Your Array For You

If you use Online Monitoring, your solar professional is able to monitor your array from their offices. In the rare case of a system error, your solar professional will be notified. The Online Monitoring platform will provide their team with data and information on the problem before they arrive at your property, allowing them to quickly restore your system to maximum efficiency.

At Simpleray, we remotely monitor our installations throughout our 25 year warranty period. Under our Online Monitoring platform’s watchful eye, our customers are able to enjoy the benefits of a renewable power source for decades without worrying about underperformance.

Know Your Total Production

Using Online Monitoring is the only way to know the full production of your array. The user-friendly platform makes it easy to find out how much your array has produced in a given day, month, year, or over its entire lifetime. Without Online Monitoring, you’re unable to obtain this information because your property consumes a portion (or all) of the energy you produce before it’s measured by your meter.

Minimize Downtime

Once logged into the Online Monitoring platform, one of your options for viewing your production is called Physical Layout. This page is a virtual model of your panels and allows you to see exactly where a problem is occurring in your system. The Online Monitoring platform will provide an immediate diagnosis to your solar professional who can then fix your array with minimal downtime. You want your array up and running at all times. You’re still generating energy and adding to your savings even on days with the lowest amount of light.


Total Visibility Ensures Maximum Production

Constant monitoring of your array allows you and your solar professional to make sure that your array is running at peak performance. Without Online Monitoring, it’s much more difficult to check if your array is suffering from reduced efficiency. This increases the time it takes to maintain or repair your array, hurting your wallet.

If you have questions about Online Monitoring, or anything related to a solar array, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our Renewable Energy Consultants will be happy to go in-depth with you about any part of the solar process and answer any of your questions.

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