Your Solar Journey, Simplified

From design and installation to powering the next generation, Simpleray is here for you, your business, & your family.

Getting Started

We'll have a short call to discuss what you would like to achieve with solar. After that, we'll take a look at your electric bills to make sure solar is right for you.


On-Site Visit

On a day that works for you, your Renewable Energy Consultant will come by and review the property so we can design your array. You'll be presented with the final quote and, when you're ready, we'll shake on it!


The Technicalities

It’s time for the technical stuff. Our engineers will get to work on the finer points of design. The customer service team will be on hand to keep you in the loop while our team puts the finishing touches on your solar and electrical designs.


Installation Day

We'll take care of any remaining paperwork and schedule a time with you for your installation. After final inspections, all you have to do is flip the switch!


Together For The Long Haul

We'll stay in touch. You'll have complete access to online monitoring to view your array's production and you’ll be protected by our ironclad, industry-leading warranties and production guarantee.


What Others Have Said

Array Size
13.8 kW Array Size

Aaron Budweg

"To run a business... you have to be strict with your costs. And I found that solar - though it costs money upfront - in the long term I was going to be able to save money."

Yearly Savings

Yearly Savings: $2,400

Array Size
352.9 kW Array Size

Panama Transfer

"Solar really makes sense. There are great tax advantages to it...the federal and state tax advantages. I get lower electric bills [and get to] be green."

Yearly Savings

Yearly Savings: $27,600+

Array Size
144.9 kW Array Size

Product Development Partners

"I’m proud of being able to install solar, and in the long run help out with the energy costs, and help the environment."

Yearly Savings

Yearly Savings: $21,000+

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