Solar Water Heating and Solar Space Heating

Why Solar Thermal?

Excellent Investment

Solar water heaters can provide you with a return on investment similar to that of the stock market, but with the risk of a treasury or corporate bond. In fact, these systems typically pay back in 6 – 10 years depending on what incentives you qualify for.

Saves Money

Solar water heaters can completely cover all of your hot water used (yes, even in the colder climates). The system can even be designed to provide space heating in the colder months. This works especially well if there is existing radiant floor heating in the building but will also work with forced air.

Solar water heatingPerformance Guarantee

Typically, all essential components we use come with at least a 5 year warranty. Many times you can also find a comprehensive workmanship warranty for the installation guaranteeing the quality of the installation. Additionally, for an annual fee, some companies will offer a service contract. This could include cleaning the panels, remotely monitoring the system for issues (if monitoring equipment is purchased), checking all connections, etc.  Although we do not sell solar thermal, we do have a couple of recommendations. 



Brands We Recommend:

Heliodyne    caleffi-rs2 

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