Tim's Heating & Air Conditioning's Solar Story

Always Improving & Striving For The Best

Always an entrepreneur, Tim Carey has been on a mission of improvement for decades. For thirty years he’s owned, operated, and improved Tim’s Heating & Air Conditioning. After years of work at other companies, Tim learned he needed to go into business for himself. If he wanted to do his best work, there was simply no other option.

An Entrepreneurial Streak

Today, Tim’s Heating & Air Conditioning has become known for getting things done the right way. When something wasn’t done right from the start, it’s Tim’s Heating & Air Conditioning that will set it right.

Harnessing The Power Of The Sun

Adopting solar power was not a sudden move for Tim, instead, it was just an extension of his pursuit of doing his best. Solar allows Tim to draw all of his needed energy from the sun, which completely offsets his electric bill. With such a positive financial and environmental impact, installing solar was a natural consequence of always improving and striving for the best.

"We sealed the deal and the install was seamless. The electricians, the installers, everyone was professional. I was completely satisfied with the install."

Tim Carey

Owner of Tim's Heating and Air Conditioning

Iowa Solar Incentives

Solar lowers Tim's overhead and provides a reliable way to reduce his company’s tax bill. That’s why solar is such a natural extension of his business. It reduces environmental impact and provides serious financial benefits that pay off the array in a reasonable timeframe. For Tim, who’s always on the lookout for ways to improve his business, solar really made sense!

Doing Things The Right Way

Tim’s passion for doing everything the right way is clear. It’s why he started his business, it’s why his customers trust him, and it’s why he uses clean energy to power his business. Simpleray maintains the same focus on getting things done the right way — their install team wowed Tim with their hard work. This value connected Simpleray and Tim’s Heating & Air Conditioning.

9.7 kW

Total Array Size


Rate of Return

3.8 Years

Payback Period


Saved On Taxes


Annual Savings

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