Simpleray Solar Tracker

Learn how to use our mobile app for tracking your solar array's production!



To download, go the App Store or Play Store on your device and search for Simpleray Solar Tracker. Then click "Install" or "Get" and after the download completes, open the app.

App Store Play Store


If you use Gmail, select "Login with Google". If you don't have Gmail, use the email and password we've provided to you. Once logged in, you should see your solar array project(s). Click the name to enter the project.


The best way to learn the app is to click around and give it a try. A few quick tips: The three lines icon in the top left corner is the Menu button.  From the Menu button, you can navigate to the different sections.  The Monitoring section is where you'll see Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual solar energy production details.  Touch the yellow bars and drag left and right to scroll and see more of the info. 

solar array for farm


Share your solar array's environmental impact on social media! From the menu select "Key Stats". Then below the word Stats select "Environmental". Finally, click the yellow Sharing icon to share your environmental impact. You can also send us a referral right inside the app.


If you're having any trouble downloading the app, getting logged in or finding information, we're here to help!