Take Control of Your Energy & Transmission Costs

We partner with utilities & electric coops to provide turnkey solar installations that hedge against rising energy costs, reduce transmission charges, and provide lower overall cost than your current energy mix.

Lock In Your Power Rate for the Next 25+ Years

Imagine locking in your wholesale power rate for the next three decades. It's achievable with solar power. Solar is a reliable source of energy being used by utilities and coops across the nation to save money. Utilities like yours can leverage solar as a power generating asset that you control. No money down power purchase agreements make solar a better choice for utilities than ever before. Read on to learn more.

In a PPA, Simpleray purchases, installs, and maintains your solar array while you only pay for the electricity it produces on a monthly basis, at a contracted and reduced rate. No need to worry about maintenance; we take care of everything.

With no upfront capital investment, you’ll start saving money right away. PPAs allow you to hedge against rising energy costs, giving you and your customers more cost stability. Pay less for energy than you are now & lock in your rate for 25+ years.

Power purchase agreements are a strong alternative to utility owned arrays. It simplifies the bidding process, removes the need to secure capital (we cover all installation costs), and allows us to better tailor the project maximize your long term savings.

"We selected Simpleray due to their turnkey process that provided Farmers Electric Cooperative with financing, engineering, procurement, and construction. Their unparalleled industry knowledge has made this project a big success for FEC!"

Warren McKenna

General Manager, FEC

Bloomfield Municipal Utilities

Bloomfield Municipal Utilities went solar in 2017 and is generating 10% of their cities power with a unique tracking array. With a Power Purchase Agreement in place for 30 years, BMU has helped levelize energy costs for themselves and their customers for decades.

1.86 MW Array size

10% of the City's Energy Produced by Solar

State Center Municipal Utilities

State Center has worked hard to preserve the unique history of their town while looking towards the future of their community by going solar. Their ground mounted array, purchased by State Center Municipal Utilities, was placed around the city's water treatment facilities, with plenty of room to spare.

979.5 kW Array size

30 Years of Locked In Energy Prices

Farmers Electric Cooperative

Farmers Electric Coop set an ambitious goal to reduce outside energy purchases by 25% by 2025. They are well on their way to achieving this goal with their solar field in Kalona, Iowa. Simpleray helped FEC expand their almost 2 MW solar field in 2016.

950.4 kW Array size

25% Reduction in Outside Energy Purchases by 2025

Why Simpleray?

Consultative Process

Integrating solar as part of your energy portfolio is a socially responsible and economical choice. At Simpleray, our goal is to make the process simple for you. Our Utility Specialists use a consultative process to uncover your goals, develop a solution, and deliver everything you need to make a decision. We take the time to get all the details right and maximize the value of your resources.

State Center. A big ground mounting solar array

Experienced Engineering

With 50 years of combined solar experience, our engineers navigate complex details with ease – to design reliable solar systems that perform for decades. The Simpleray team of in-house, NABCEP certified solar engineers ensure our designs are value engineered to bring you the most value while achieving your energy goals.

Selective Procurement

Solar systems must be built to last for the long haul. Over the past decade in the solar industry, we’ve learned that there is always a right way to do things. So we only source our equipment from bankable, reliable manufacturers and use the right equipment for the job. Our 20+ year warranties leave you with peace of mind.

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