Iowa Wind and Solar Announces New
Company Name: Simpleray

The Growing Solar and Renewable Energy Company Continues to Expand

Fairfield, IA - May 30, 2018:

Iowa Wind and Solar, a company providing solar installation services across the Midwest and beyond, is changing its name to Simpleray. The company was founded in Fairfield, Iowa in 2008 and provides solar installations with a focus on a streamlined experience. The name change reflects the company’s commitment to providing solar installation services to individuals, businesses, farms, and utilities across the United States.

“We appreciate the name Iowa Wind and Solar and all it has done for us,” shares Vice President David Birchmier, “For a while now, we’ve been working on projects far beyond Iowa, and we wanted a name that would reflect that. We picked the name Simpleray because it captures the essence of what our mission has always been: to make solar simple.”

The rebrand allows Simpleray to continue to expand its portfolio while maintaining the same quality standards that clients have enjoyed under the Iowa Wind and Solar brand.

This name change will take effect immediately, and all future Iowa Wind and Solar projects will be carried out under the new Simpleray name.

About Simpleray

Founded in 2008, Simpleray is a solar company focused on providing solar installation services to the commercial, agriculture, and residential industries. In addition, Simpleray offers solar development services to utilities and was named the Most Forward-Thinking Contractor by Solar Power World.