Iowa’s 2019 Solar Tax Credit: What You Need to Know

About the Webinar

In May of 2018, the Iowa State Legislature approved five million dollars in tax credits for individuals and businesses that install solar power. Over a million dollars of this fund has been allotted and we expect the remainder to be gone well before the end of the year. Join Simpleray Sales Coordinator Lindsey Friend as she covers how you can secure your tax credits (as well as substantial energy savings) before they're gone.

In This Webinar You Will Learn

  1. How these credits can save you thousands on your taxes.
  2. The steps you need to take to secure your own tax credits.
  3. Why these credits will be gone soon.
Lindsey Friend

Lindsey Friend

This event was hosted by Lindsey Friend. Lindsey is the Simpleray Sales Coordinator and is an expert in solar tax incentives and the financial benefits of solar power.